Social responsibility

Being one of the leading developers in Belarus and realizing our contribution to the social development, A-100 Development has a policy in place which cannot but have social responsibility as one of its core values. Our activities include charity events, sponsor help and social-purpose projects.

Our Project Handling Policy

A-100 Development aims at making each of its projects an innovative solution. This helps us not only to create high-quality product and evolve, but also to make a difference in the world around us. All our projects form a true legacy for the public at large. We value our opportunities to change the world for the better and put every effort into making you as proud of our work as we feel about it.

Positive Influence on the Architecture and the Level of Living Environment in Belarus

We are proud to enjoy the privilege of influencing the architectural appearance of our beloved city and our country. Striving to set new standards in construction and using revolutionary principles of living environment arrangement helped us become the developer No. 1 in Belarus. Positive influence on the architecture and the level of living environment in Belarus is the fundamental principle of A-100 Development demonstrating the high level of social responsibility of our company.


We care about professional development and training of highly-qualified specialists, creating professional prospects for young employees and sustainable social development. Our team is the most valuable asset of A-100 Development and their continuous personal growth enables the company to expand its general business potential.


Labor Protection and Public Health

Special role in the company policy is given to the preservation and improvement of health of employees and measures for, as well as to labor protection measures.

Culture and Sports

Our company actively participates in the establishment of sociocultural dialogue supporting all significant sports and cultural initiatives. By the way Aleksandr Tsenter, chairman of the Supervisory Committee of A-100 Group, is a Member of the Supervisory Board of the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus and the Chairman of Belarusian Federation of Air Sports.

A-100 Development highly appreciates and values its social responsibility. Let’s build the future of our country and society together!