Company «А-100 Development»
223053, Minsk Raion, village Borovaya 7

Tel/fax: +375-17-233-33-33
Our values

Our work is guided by the values of the Group of Companies «А-100»


Treating with respect to what we do

Doing our job in the respect worth kind.


Competent self-reliance

We are able to make decisions on our own within our competence and to take responsibility.


Professional competence and commitment for self-development

Doing our business at level of world’s best models, to reach that effect we are permanently learning and seeking to apply our knowledge.


Positive attitude to the living and team spirit

We appreciate the ability to work in a team and are confident that everything is feasible for us. We crate comfortable work conditions for each other.


Energy and vitality

We appreciate purposefulness and ability to charge with energy the others.


Loyalty to the company

Interest of the company is the interest of each employee. The achievement of each employee is the success for the company.


Neatness and order

Neatness and order are the key element of the company’s image.


Health and healthy way of living

We hail the active lifestyle and discourage the pernicious habits.



We strive for doing our work in the best possible manner pushing any matter through.


Concern for our families

Family has the core value for each of us. We are eager for home after the job is finished in the evening!



We value our roots. We have a lot to be proud of!



We do not leave dirty marks.



The company has own style. We comply with it.


Stable prosperity

Tomorrow we shall be better off than today.