A-100 Development – winner of prestigious «Brand of the year»

A-100 Development winning “Socially Responsible Brand” nomination in the “Brand of the Year” contest. “Active Social Position” is not just an award, it’s a sign of acknowledgment from thousands of grateful customers and general public.

Brend year

In the recent years the active social position of A-100 Development turned from mandatory attribute of the modern company to our philosophy, our passion, our value, embodiment of our internal harmony and concern, and we share these with people around!

Each implemented project, every step toward our customers, toward the public, toward the company’s employees determine the outline of a big and complex mechanism called A-100 Development. This is why we give away a part of ourselves every day in the name of our cause, and it won’t stay unheeded.

In 2016 our joint efforts made it possible to present our country with numerous projects we are truly proud of. Together we contributed to ecological environment of the city within the framework of “Green Saturday”, took care of four-footed inhabitants of “Novaya Borovaya” together with activists of OkiDog movement, we actively went in for sports and worked for charitable causes, gave away “Urban conelets” to those who share our position towards the city and the citizens, we took another step nearer to space and we presented Minsk residents with real IlliusiALL! In 2017 we are sure to keep the standard flying and present the city and the whole country with new projects that are interesting and important for the society.

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