Apartments with a sea view: Pirs quarter presentation

On June 22 Pirs residential quarter has been presented, a new project by A-100 Development. Situated not far from Minsk Sea the quarter is built in austere Baltic ecostyle and offers all advantages of a city apartment.


Urban villas, one of the newest dwelling concept presented by A-100 Development, combines characteristics of an apartment building and that of a cottage, which set Pirs apart from other development areas both within the capital and in residential suburbs.


Apart from urban villas the company is planning to build a few dozens cottages and townhouses with 90 to 140 square meters areas. The highest building in the seaside quarter is going to have 7 storeys offering a breathtaking view of the Minskoe More.

We offer a wide range of apartments and layouts: from 40 meter ready-made studios to penthouses with roof terraces.

Convenient commuting to city centre is an additional reason to choose seaside: nearby Ratomka and Robinson complex with restaurant, hotel and spa. Five minutes to Minsk outer ring road, a public transport stop and as little as ten minutes’ walk through a forest to reach Ratomka railway station.

Another advantage of Pirs quarter is a vast range of services available for dwellers making their life even more convenient:  from cleaning services to lawn mowing to dog walking, etc.

The sales in the unique seaside quarter start on July 1.




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