Residential area "Novaya Borovaya"

Residential area "Novaya Borovaya"

In 2014 the company A-100 Development started constructing a new residential area ”Novaya Borovaya” with the estimated apartments number of 20k units.

The area covers the territory more than 100 hectares in the Eco-friendly part of the city, near the main avenue of the city and prestigious boroughs of the capital.

The development of the ”Borovaya project” became on of the most innovative and upscale ones in Minsk and Minsk district. 

The terms of the project are 10 years: from 2014 to 2024. The beginning of the construction works for the first section is planned for 2014-2016.

The project is based on the principle of SMART+ by SOCIAL city.

The modern infrastructure will be developed together with the planned buildings.


There is new infrastructure that will be built for residents:
- delis 
-shopping mall > 8.000 sq.m.
-medical center
-fitness center

The first stage of construction (2014 – 2016) by Novaya Borovaya represents:

• 6 apartment panel houses

• 1 840 apartments

• Supermarket of 1 500 sq.m

• On the first floor of the residential building - stores and services for residents.

Different modern playgrounds for a wide age range of children are planned. 

Minsk district, Kopishe village