Quarter "Zeleny Bor", st. Alexandrova, 1a

Kindergarten "A-100" is a fundamentally new approach to childcare facilities. It was built in honour of the 20th anniversary of the company for the residents of the Zeleny Bor quarter. Therefore, its main task is to ensure the safety and children wellbeing at a high level.

A special feature of the kindergarten "A-100" is its safety. In addition to the use of furniture with rounded edges, batteries with special pads to protect against burns and other things, all children's groups are equipped with a modern video surveillance system.

An important distinction of the kindergarten "A-100" is also its architectural design. It is fundamentally different from typical buildings with its unusual exterior, interior and ergonomic layout.

Basic indicators:

  • Capacity - 150 seats
  • 8 groups
  • 2 floors

The interior decoration of the kindergarten is qualitatively different from a number of similar institutions. On the ground floor we installed a warm floor system in classrooms and in the gym, using high-quality laminate and parquet.

  • Address:
    Quarter "Zeleny Bor", st. Alexandrova, 1a