village Kopische, st. Artema Mikoyana, 1A

Kindergarten "Zheltyy Zhiraf" is a fundamentally new approach to childcare. It was built in Novaya Borovaya for residents of the Kedrovy Kvartal quarter. The main task is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children at a high level.

A kindergarten with the original name “Zheltyy Zhiraf”, which has no analogues in the world, was built in Novaya Borovaya. When creating it, architects and designers were inspired by the ideas that children suggested to them, they studied dozens of the most interesting projects of children's institutions implemented around the world. It turned out to be something fantastic - and, at the same time, fully complies with all the standards adopted in Belarus.


The halls will become expositions of children’s works of art – with special lighting, like in a real art gallery! We are confident that such a solution will improve the interaction between parents and children. As the creators of the kindergarten note, at the stage of the project’s development, the company is focused primarily on encouraging creative abilities in children and providing the most comfortable conditions for this.

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“Our company’s philosophy is to create a new way of life. We do not just build apartments, adopting the best from world experience, we create a full-fledged living space. It is impossible to imagine a modern residential area without kindergartens and schools. This kindergarten fully corresponds to the spirit of Novaya Borovaya. And this is only the first step: a second kindergarten is already under construction in the district, and a school of the future will appear in 2019. We put our heart and soul into these projects and we are sure that they will be special! ”- says the head of A-100 Development Svetlana Shevlik.

A-100 Development emphasizes that the creation of a modern social infrastructure is one of its key priorities. 

We see it as our task to create a comfortable environment and comfortable living conditions in Novaya Borovaya. And these are not only comfortable and modern apartments, but also kindergartens and schools. At the same time, we try to use innovative solutions and follow the latest trends.

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