Ratomka, Morskoy Rif st., 6

This kindergarten is located in the Pirs quarter, but is open to children from Ratomka and other villages. The kindergarten is designed for 230 children, 12 groups are provided depending on the age of the pupils. "Zhemchuzhina" is distinguished by an unusual facade and interior design: a pronounced marine concept and style, which reflects the "Baltic" appearance of Pirs.

The marine theme can be traced both in the external appearance of the kindergarten and in the interiors: funny "underwater" characters, as well as waves, bubbles, beaches, lighthouses and lifebuoys are painted on the walls. Children's groups are designed in different colours: the turquoise colour of the coastal sea wave, the rich yellow sun colour, the light blue sky and the blue sea. The graphics on the walls mimic sea travel and are designed to encourage creativity in children.

The concept of the sea is also supported by the details of the facades, elements of landscaping: a blue rubberized coating in the shape of the sea, seagulls on play posts, game elements in the shape of sea inhabitants.

There is a modern assembly hall and a sports hall with a wall for little climbers, psychologist and speech therapist offices in the kindergarten.

On the street, the developer has installed playgrounds with wooden shaded canopies, rubberized safety surfaces, mini-gardens where children can grow vegetables or herbs. There is also a special area for chalk drawing, a platform for studying traffic rules, swings, sandboxes and much more.

The entire territory of the kindergarten is fenced. You can enter it through one out of three entrances, equipped with special video intercoms. One entrance is located on the territory of Pirs, another one faces the parking lot from the side of the garden, the third one is from the Ratomka side.

  • Address:
    Ratomka, Morskoy Rif st., 6