Kopische, Aviatsyonnaya st., 2

State educational institution "Secondary school No. 1 of Kopishche village" was built in 2020 in the residential area of Novaya Borovaya.

It was constructed in a creative and non-standard style, which is typical for the A-100 Development developer. The school has terraces, transparent classrooms, workshops, anti-stress areas, science exhibits, lawns and recreational spots on the rooftop, gyms, stadiums and tennis courts. Moreover, there are separate sports and recreation complex on the premises. The school is designed according to the latest European standards. The project cost was estimated at $ 20 million.

The school is designed for 1,020 students, and its area exceeds 14,000 square meters. The project was developed by experts from Europe, Russia and Belarus.

The school consists of four buildings - an elementary school block, a secondary school block, an administrative building and an area of public spaces (which includes a cafe-dining room, P.E. room, a gym, an assembly hall, a creative studio).

Separate entrances are organized for secondary and primary schools. Each of them is equipped with a reception area and access system. A video surveillance system is installed across the whole territory.

There are wardrobes, sleeping rooms, recreation areas and entertaining scientific exhibits for kids. All classrooms are furnished and equipped with the necessary equipment. All doors in the classrooms are transparent — we used this technology to create an atmosphere of trust and openness.

School laboratories and studios, as well as the library are fully equipped by the A-100 Development company: computers with licensed software, machines, tools, sewing machines, reagents, laboratory equipment — all is pre-installed in them.

The school has a barrier-free environment with modern lifts, toilets and showers for people with disabilities.

The main extraordinary features are terraces and the exploitable roof, which can be accessed from four different locations, from the cafe and library in particular. Roof decks include walkways, lawns and benches.

We planned out 13 recreation areas for absolutely different types children: the older and the younger, the restless and those who love quiet. Each floor has scientific exhibits, which playfully demonstrate the laws of physics. 

For unwinding after a long day, there are special "corners of silence" provided in school. For little music lovers, there is a floor piano that you can play with your feet.

“We have gathered the best of the world's practices to create a place that will inspire children to learn and teachers to share the knowledge. The school’s infrastructure is of great importance to any residential complex, since a child is more likely to reveal their talents and abilities in a creative environment. We are confident that such schools are an investment in our future, because this future depends on how we educate the next generation. That is why our first school in Novaya Borovaya is called the “The School of Future,” says Svetlana Shevlik, director of the A-100 Development Group. “We have created this aesthetically pleasing and functional space because we believe: a beautiful environment forms a beautiful person.”

The school also has open-air "classrooms": a geographic playground, garden beds, a greenhouse, and canopy tables for botany lessons. Kids can study music playing the imperial trumpets, tubular bells, cajon and petal drums. Apart from that, there are sites for astronomy and physics studies, spots where kids learn basics of safety and traffic rules in practice.

The school’s total area is 4.6 hectares, it houses two fields with artificial turf for junior football and mini-football. Nearby there’s a playground with a rubberized surface for playing volleyball, basketball and tennis. There are also workout areas with exercise equipment, swings, tennis tables.

The school building is connected with sports and recreation complex by a special gallery-passage. The complex has two swimming pools (one is 25 meters long, the other one is for children), two saunas, a gym, a dance hall, a cafe and a large hall for visitors. The sports centre was designed in such a way that both schoolchildren and residents of the Novaya Borovaya district could practice there.

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    Kopische, Aviatsyonnaya st., 2