Minsk region, village Kopische

In 2014, the company "A-100 Development" began the construction of a new residential area "Novaya Borovaya", designed for 20,000 apartments. The district is built on an area of more than 100 hectares, in an ecologically clean area, next to the main avenue of Minsk.

Novaya Borovaya is one of the largest and most unusual projects in the country. The district is organized according to the quarterly principle, according to which the “Pine” and “Kedrovy” quarters, the Kvartal Park, “FORrest” have already been built and the “Neskuchny Sad” quarter is being constructed. Each of them has its own distinguishable features and non-standard architectural solutions, many of which have been applied for the first time in Belarus.

Apartments with terraces, exploited roofs, floor-to-ceiling windows, attic apartments, walk-through entrances and elevators, closed car-less courtyards — all this has made Novaya Borovaya one of the most innovative districts of the capital city.

Along with the construction of housing, the company is also building social infrastructure at an incredible pace. 

Novaya Borovaya already welcomed:

  • Kindergartens "Kosmos", "Zheltyy Zhiraf" and "Karandashy"
  • A big mall
  • Coffee shops
  • Convenience stores
  • Fitness club
  • Creative spaces for residents
  • A school
  • A sport complex

Construction of new kindergartens and a school is underway.

A shopping street Novaya Borovaya will appear in one of the new blocks. The construction of a polyclinic is planned.

The infrastructure and organization of space in each quarter is based on the principles of "SMART + SOCIAL" and "pet-friendly".

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