Minsk region, ag. Lesnoy, st. Alexandrova

"Zeleny Bor" is a unique residential area in Minsk, located in the heart of a pine forest and a residential area built according to the current European standards with a developed modern infrastructure. This is a house everyone will want to live in. The 3rd stage of the quarter's construction is 5 low-rise houses (3 floors + attic floor), high-quality landscaping, well-thought-out infrastructure and, of course, good neighbours.

The Zeleny Bor quarter is located 6 km from the ring road along the Logoisk highway. It is easy to get there both by public transport (city buses, fixed-route taxis) and by car. The most active will appreciate the opportunity to ride a bike —convenient bike paths are laid within the quarter.


It is installed in every home. You will be able to watch your child playing in the yard, while at home.


You no longer need to store your bike on the balcony or in the hallway - there is a special, well-protected place for your "iron horse".


The management of the partnership of owners carefully monitors the cleanliness of the yards. Strict European standards for cleaning entrances and courtyards, caring for flowers and lawns apply on the whole territory of the quarter.


Our hallways are a place for creativity. The charismatic cat Boris lives on their walls. This guy actively "communicates" with the residents using funny catch phrases, creates a joyful mood and an interactive exchange between people and space.

Transparent entrance doors demonstrate the unique finishing of the entrances. Entrance groups are equipped with comfortable ramps.


In each courtyard of the quarter, there is a playground for children of different ages and interests. Rubberized safety surfaces, high-quality educational playgrounds — we do everything to make your child comfortable and happy playing in the yard.


We have plenty of space to ride a bicycle and take a walk with a stroller: bicycle and pedestrian paths are at your service, and, of course, one shall definitely visit the Prilepsky reserve.

  • Address:
    Minsk region, ag. Lesnoy, st. Alexandrova