A landscape and sculpture composition "The sea nearby" appeared in the residential quarter "Pirs" near Minsk


A dozen bronze sculptures of seagulls symbolize the harmony with nature and immerse us in an atmosphere of sea romance.


These twelve bronze seagulls “landed" on the bank of an artificial water channel that unites two parts of "Pirs" into a single complex. Each sculpture is unique: like in nature itself, there are no two completely identical birds in the composition. Some seagulls settled down on natural boulders, others nestled right on the water surface.

Art embankment was created by two famous Belarusians, sculptor Konstantin Selikhanov and architect Yuri Gradov. According to their idea, each seagull has its own character and its own role: one sits aloof, and the other keeps closer to the flock.


All expenses were covered by "A-100 Development". The mission of the project is to combine high art with a place to live.

“The sculptures are located in the recreational area of the Pirs quarter, where people come to relax, unwind, chat with friends and enjoy nature. The Sea Nearby composition creates the right vibe for this. This is a place for some alone time and self-reflection, or a space for dialogue, where you can share your emotions and values with your close ones,” the authors reveal.

The idea for the sculptures was inspired by the landscape, mostly by the Minsk Sea, where hundreds of seagulls are nesting in summer.


“The composition turned out to be deep in content and accurate in scale: it perfectly complements the surrounding architecture and proportionality fits in the environment. The seagulls embody sea romance spirit that lives in the quarter by the Minsk Sea and remind us about how a person can live comfortably in harmony with nature, — explain the representatives of "A-100 Development". “For us contemporary art is a source of innovation and progress, which we support in every way through the development of the urban environment, through sculpture and public art. The appearance of art objects in residential areas creates additional value — not only material, but also intellectual, cultural and social."

One of the project’s main goals is to also involve children and adults in art. To fulfil its plans Pirs will host a number of events that will help local residents better understand and interact with art objects. The composition The Sea Nearby was granted to the residents by the end of the construction of the quarter as a part of "A-100 ART", an initiative to support and develop culture and art in Belarus. In "A-100" we strive to make art a part of the lifestyle of Minsk and other cities.


About the authors of The Sea Nearby project

Konstantin Selikhanov, sculptor. Graduated from the Belarusian State Academy of Arts in 1993, sculpture department. In 2019, his personal project "Exit" was presented at the national pavilion of Belarus at the Venice Biennale. Member of the Belarusian Union of Artists, fellow of the programs "ArtLinks" (1999, Berkeley, USA), "KulturKontakt" (2004, Vienna, Austria).

Yuri Gradov, architect. Graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute (MARHI) in 1958. Honored Architect of the Republic of Belarus, Professor of the International Academy of Architecture and the Department of Arts of the Belarusian State University. Among his most prominent projects are the Khatyn memorial ensemble, the monument to Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas in Minsk, the Lenin Square and Nemiga metro stations.